Throwback Thursday: This Day in Tech

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Throwback Thursday: This Day in Tech Featuring: May 19, 2001 Each Thursday, we’ll highlight a “throwback” from technology, science, and other interesting avenues. Our first Throwback is in the not-so-distant past. On May 19, 2001, Apple opened their first two retail stores: Washington, DC, and McLean, Virginia. Combined sales that first weekend neared $600,000 for […]

Right-Brain in a Left-Brain World

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Having an English major in the high-tech world isn’t quite as rare as a four leaf clover, but its close. I have spent nearly 10 years in the tech world. First in eCommerce, then in SAaS (software as a service), and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). Initially, I shied away from conversations when the topic veered into […]

Welcome to Pebble+Oak

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Pebble Pretend for a moment that your business is a big bucket. Contained within this bucket, you have several large stones. These large stones represent the core competencies of your organization. They’re the reason you are where you are today. The bucket, with these stones, is substantial. However, it is incomplete. If you try to […]