2017 In Review

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2017 In Review

2017 was a whirlwind year, and as I take a few minutes to consider the changes that have occurred both personally and professionally, I cannot help but feel incredibly blessed and humbled.

This year began like many other years that preceded it. On December 31, 2016, Caitlin and I hosted a few friends over for New Year’s Eve. It was a low-key event with some of our closest friends, and 2017 was here! It was our first NYE with a small child sleeping in the next room, so it was a lot less raucous than years past…thankfully.

Early in 2017, I also put into action a plan that I’d been developing to stop working at CampMinder and to start my own business. How did I do that? A lot of very early mornings and more late nights, with a full-time job and a baby in between. I’d spend hours working in the wee light of the morning before my “day job,” scouring the internet for leads, cold emails, setting meetings, attending networking events, and consuming copious amounts of coffee.

With all of these changes in mind, I wanted to put together a Best of 2017 list to commemorate these changes.

January: Set a New Year’s Resolution to pursue Pebble+Oak full time.

February: Land one of my first solo clients, Via Seven. They’re kicking butt, so check them out! MK takes first steps, too.

March: Celebrate our daughter’s first birthday and give my notice to past employer.

April: Transition responsibilities away during day job, continue to build network and client list for Pebble+Oak

May: My last day of “full time” employment with my former employer, and my first Full Day being self-employed

June: Epic road trip with my Uncle through Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Something I wouldn’t have been able to do without the flexibility of self-employment

Madison River, Yellowstone

July: Start working with one of Denver’s premier website design firms, helping them craft killer copy for their cadre of clients. Also get a free trip to Telluride for 3 nights and have a family reunion in Breckenridge.

Telluride, CO

August: 3+ weeks working and playing on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. Not. Complaining.

My Happy Place, NH

September: Put in a bid for a giant contract and get denied. Silver lining: I think the work would have been really boring.

October: My 20 month old daughter dresses as a bunny for Halloween, and munches on a carrot in the town parade.

Farm Animals

November: Attend a retreat with two dear friends from college to discuss a new business endeavor that helps non-profits find amazingly talented people

December: 2 Weeks with family in Boston and New Hampshire, then Christmas back home.

This year has been one of the best of my life. It hasn’t been without its struggles, but those struggles have made the triumphs that much more memorable and fulfilling.

Are you thinking about taking the leap and starting your own business?