Community is King

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Back at it.
Its been awhile since I’ve written here…you’ve been keeping me busy! No excuses, though. Time to get after it!
Last week, I joined a local Meetup group to meet more like-minded professionals in my area. I also wanted to get an idea of what other folks are up to and working on.
The event itself was fantastic. The participants (of which I’d estimate around 30) were welcoming and outgoing. Their professions ranged from web design to supply chain, and there was even a private investigator. Like me, there were a fair amount of people new to the meetup there, but as I observed everyone else, I could tell that the other people knew one another well. I could tell there was a strong sense of Community among this group.
This idea of community has always been important to me, and it should be for any business owner.
Having strong ties to a community is invaluable, especially as you start and grow your business. These are the people you will be able to lean on and get advice from when you feel discouraged. They’re also the ones who will be able to pull you out of your own head when nothing seems to be going right and can offer perspective and insight to your work that you may be blind to.
Community also provides a variety in your day-to-day. In each of our professional environments, it is easy to get sucked into the “now” and view every business (and sometimes even personal) interaction through that lens. By reaching out and engaging our community, those people who know us for who we are not what we do, we get an opportunity to see the world view through multiple lenses.